Compendium outlines huge body of science supporting 3M™ Bair Hugger™ patient warming system

Guess how many scientific studies prove that the 3M™ Bair Hugger™ Patient Warming System can cause surgical site infections? Zero. None. Nada. 

Now, guess how many publications show proven benefits of patient warming? Dozens and dozens and dozens.

3M recently published an interactive compendium of scientific research conducted over the past 25+ years related to the Bair Hugger warming system.  It includes more than 200 publication summaries – the vast majority of which relate to research involving the Bair Hugger system – that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of patient warming products, including the Bair Hugger system.

Fact: Clinical research studies show a significant REDUCTION in surgical site infections with the use of Bair Hugger therapy compared to no warming.

Fact: Clinical research studies show that the Bair Hugger system DOES NOT increase bacteria at the surgical site or in the air.

The claims against the Bair Hugger system are based on a handful of studies trumpeted by a 3M competitor.  Not one of those studies shows any proven link between the use of the Bair Hugger system and surgical site infections.  In fact, the studies specifically say they do not prove a causal link.

If you have any doubts about the safety of the Bair Hugger system, take some time to read the accompanying press release about the compendium. You can download the research compendium on the Resources page here.